Data Protection Services

Data Protection Services

Data Protection is more than compliance

With Fujitsu, it’s fundamental to enabling a more secure digital future.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a hot topic for Boards, business leaders and IT teams alike. But it’s not just about proving compliance. Foremost individuals want to know that they can trust your organization to effectively manage and protect their personal data. 

Our data protection services not only help prepare your organization for statutory compliance, but ensure you can continue to protect personal data into the future.

This investment is not only about compliance: it is also about digital growth - by better managing and utilizing personal data - and securing customer trust.

Our Value proposition

We proactively engage with customers to develop ICT application and infrastructure strategies in relation to their data privacy and governance.

We work with our customers to make sure their technology products and services are optimized to deliver maximum return on investment.

The ideal starting point on your data protection journey

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Protecting Data

We offer a range of security services to protect data from unauthorized access, unlawful processing and data breach. From traditional firewalls through to data loss prevention and sophisticated threat intelligence services; Fujitsu proactively monitors and responds to a range of real-time cyber related threats. Our protective services include:

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

  • Increases visibility of where sensitive data is transmitted, used and stored and applies the correct controls to that data. Centralized policies monitor and protect data at rest, in motion and in use through deep content analysis.
  • Managed Security Services combined with consultancy services ensure changes to the business environment are reflected within the DLP service.
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Security Incident & Event Monitoring (SIEM)

  • Detecting and stopping attacks is a key deliverable of any data protection programme where an integrated detect, protect and respond strategy is deployed.
  • Provided from the Cloud or on premise; benefits include reduced time to detect and respond to threats, and improvements to incident handling and containment.
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Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

  • Provides visibility of shadow and sanctioned Cloud IT usage and the trustworthiness of the security capabilities of the Cloud Service Provider
  • Enforces security policies based on data classification, data discovery and monitoring of access to sensitive data. Prevents unwanted devices, users and applications from accessing Cloud services by adaptive access controls
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Encryption Services

Enterprise Data Encryption:
  • Helps mitigate risks associated with data privacy in the Cloud and provides organizations with data security assurance.
  • Services include; Virtual Machine encryption; File and Folder encryption; Database encryption; Tokenization and Application encryption.
Endpoint Encryption:
  • Provides the foundation layer of protection for your workstations and laptops against device loss or theft.
  • Flexible deployment models including full disc encryption; encryption of removable and the option to allow Read Only access to unencrypted media.

We can help prepare you for the wider ramifications of a breach by developing an integrated and effective incident response which dovetails with your crisis management capability

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