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The world is your workplace

Is your workplace ready for Generation Y?

Digitalization potentially transforms how people interact with their workplaces and their work objectives. This is potentially a win-win for employees, giving them greater personal freedom and creativity at work, and for their organizations, with increased productivity as a realistic outcome. However, research shows an increasing disconnect between Generation Y’s expectations of the Future Workplace and what many organizations plan to deliver.

How will the future workplace make employees' lives easier?

The commuting stress of mega-cities and the time-zone pressures of globalization take an unnecessary toll on today’s workforce. Future Workplace transformation addresses this by focusing on mobility and decoupling the ability to work and make decisions in global teams from the need to be in an office. More intelligent, more integrated workplaces create the perfect personal environments in which people can excel.

What are the technologies that are shaping the future of the workplace?

With a proven link between newer technologies and greater productivity, what can we expect to see in the Future Workplace? Virtual Reality is unleashing a revolution in collaboration and communication, electronic control of lighting color and temperature improves people’s wellbeing, concentration and productivity, and AI will be a game changer in many dimensions.

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Top trumps

How to create the Future Workplace

Fujitsu’s Christian Bock argues that a harmonious marriage is possible between IT management’s desire for control and security, and employees’ wish for freedom, flexibility and creativity. Getting there, he maintains, demands establishing a three-part Future Workplace transformation agenda, starting with strategy and leadership style, then definition of the physical space, then technology as the backbone underpinning the entire edifice.

Forget what you thought you knew about the workplace

As automation becomes ubiquitous, price and low-cost production are losing their power to differentiate. Creativity is now the defining USP in the 21st century. This whitepaper summarizes Fujitsu’s collaboration with the prestigious Frauenhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering on a research project called Office21® to uncover how the Future Workplace will help unleash creativity and how technology will help us get there in an environmentally responsible way.

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Top trumps

Empowering the creativity that will make your organization a leader

’Enjoy’ isn’t a word that comes to mind when we talk about offices. But today - in the fourth wave of industrialization - it is the source of productivity, individual fulfilment, innovation and growth, and explains why there is a Future Workplace revolution going on across the world. In this Spotlight we share ideas about how the future workplace can energize and drive your organization.