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Transforming the Future of Financial Services with Multi-Cloud

Transforming the Future of Financial Services with Multi-Cloud

Multi-Cloud is critical to embracing the increasing pace of change and digital disruption that’s affecting the financial services market. But, the process of transitioning to a Multi-Cloud strategy cannot be achieved overnight; it’s very much a journey. That’s why we pride ourselves on being with you every step of the way. We can help you find the right balance between existing on-premise platforms and cloud technologies – co-creating a personalized Multi-Cloud ecosystem that will give you the flexibility and competitive edge to thrive in your business environment while satisfying highest security demands.

Exploiting Multi-Cloud for success

With the pace at which the financial services industry is transforming, how can you match this momentum and drive ahead of the competition? By integrating Multi-Cloud into your existing tech infrastructure and using new-found flexibility and speed to counter the pressure from market disruptors.

Driving change without disruption

To remain relevant in an ever-evolving financial ecosystem, it’s critical that you respond to this change with a strategy built around Multi-Cloud. With this technology at the core of your business, you can develop and deploy a portfolio of more agile, innovative and responsive services, fit for the digital world.

Increasing security with Multi-Cloud

With the growing popularity of Multi-Cloud in financial services companies, it’s now mission-critical to develop a holistic security strategy if you want to run a successful hybrid environment. By taking this approach, you’ll not only make security one less concern, but one less obstacle in-between you and the forefront of digital disruption.

Multi-Cloud: A snapshot

With disruptors entering the financial services sector at a blistering pace and gaining the loyalty of a growing customer base, how can you keep up? At Fujitsu, we believe the secret to staying competitive lies in a Multi-Cloud & Hybrid IT strategy.

No two businesses will face identical IT challenges, but there are broad similarities that can be drawn across different organizations of a certain size.

Securely Transforming the Future of Financial Services

Case study: Intrum

Following a merger, Intrum was faced with two separate IT infrastructures and the challenge of consolidating its services – that’s when they called on us to provide end-to-end outsourcing solutions. The company is now in the process of rolling these services out across Europe, confident that they’re more efficient, reliable and agile than ever before.

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Case study: Lowell

As one of Europe’s largest credit management companies, Lowell needed a partner to help it standardize its complex IT estate across nine countries – which is where we came in. Working together, we’re effectively using a consumption-based solution to accelerate both its digital transformation and growth strategy.

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Mastering cloud security

Securing a Multi-Cloud enabled Hybrid IT environment can be a complex task. But, get it right and your organization will be more robust than ever – ready to take on the challenges of a disruptive financial services market.

Why Fujitsu?

As Gartner has named Fujitsu as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Data Center Outsourcing and Hybrid Infrastructure Managed Services, Europe , we’re well-positioned to support your migration of mission-critical systems to the Multi-Cloud. By co-creating this Hybrid IT environment with us, you can accelerate your digital transformation, grasping every opportunity to take your business services and customer experience to the next level.