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Go hybrid for the best of all IT worlds

Why going hybrid makes sense for modern IT organizations

For most organizations, having a variety of IT systems and services is the default, with multiple platforms and IT delivery models, as well as multiple workloads in the data center, cloud and at the edge. But that in itself isn’t Hybrid IT. In a true hybrid environment, everything is managed as a single, unified infrastructure. That sounds like a big ask. But moving to hybrid, with its mix of core and cloud, doesn’t have to be the challenge you think it is.

Expertise from Fujitsu for a Hybrid IT world

Gernot Fels, Head of Integrated Systems, Global Product Marketing at Fujitsu, explains in this snapshot interview why on-premises infrastructure is such a vital component in hybrid architectures. .

What makes Fujitsu such a great choice for your Hybrid IT journey? This at-a-glance overview explains why you should come to Fujitsu first.

Distributed IT takes us “back to the future”. Find out what the statistics are telling us, and how Fujitsu can help you make the transition.

Into practice with Hybrid IT

Find out in this video why hybrid-enabled IT keeps management consistent across locations, and how self-service portals add quality to IT service provisioning in hybrid environments.

Even once you’ve decided to go hybrid, you still have to figure out which workload to run where. Here is a quick guide to taking those important decisions.

How do I get started? What does “ideal” look like? In this interview, Gernot Fels, Fujitsu’s Head of Integrated Systems, Global Product Marketing, engages with key questions in Hybrid IT.

Your preferred platform for Hybrid IT

With Fujitsu, you can go hybrid and stay with the platform you already have in place, by extending it into the cloud. Fujitsu enables you to mix multiple cloud-based infrastructure platforms by leading providers, managing them separately but still keeping the landscape easy to control.</p

Nutanix and Fujitsu converge the entire data center stack, including compute, storage, storage networking, and virtualization. Read about the solution here.

If you decide to extend your VMware-based on-premises infrastructure into the cloud, Hybrid IT-enabled integrated systems by Fujitsu help you to create a landscape without silos.

With Microsoft Azure Stack, you can bring the same software to your data center that Microsoft uses to power its public cloud. Fujitsu Integrated System PRIMEFLEX enables you to unlock these benefits with ease.

SAP is one of the world’s most widespread business software platforms. With Fujitsu hybrid-enabled systems, you can build your SAP-based hybrid infrastructure fast and keep it agile and flexible.