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Welcome to the one place where you can get the guidance you need to establish a truly effective security strategy that ensures the business can deliver customer value. Get the answers to your pressing questions, sharpen your security leadership skills and learn the best practices to turn cyber risk into business value.

Unlocking the Business Value of Cyber Security

Featuring Research from Forrester

Read the report and explore:

  • Why Security Leaders have to do more to create value
  • How to use Forrester’s CISO Strategic Canvas to align your security program
  • A step by step guide to follow the independent canvas
  • How to put the CISO strategic canvas to work

Security leaders know it’s critical to align their efforts to the business, speak their business colleagues’ language, and show support for business objectives. But with never-ending emerging threats, it’s hard to find the time to plan and demonstrate alignment. This report unveils Forrester’s CISO Strategic Canvas, which guides you to develop an aligned strategy by expanding your vision to anticipate where the business is going and how to help get it there.

It’s time for the Business-Aligned CISO

Step into a more valuable, high-profile position within your organization.

Watch the animation and discover how to demonstrate the business value of cyber security.

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Delivering the Return on Investment

In this I-CIO article, Brian Hintze, our Director of Cyber Security in US, notes that it is critical to prove how security strategies are protecting customer data.

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The Role of Metrics

Learn what three security leaders have to say about the critical role of metrics in showing the commercial value of security.

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CISOs as Business Leaders

As a CISO are you moving closer to business management and a gaining deeper understanding of business processes — above and beyond technology?

Best Practices to Build a Customer-First Security Strategy

Read the white paper to learn about:

  • What are elements of customer trust-based security
  • What benefits a business-aligned security brings to CISOs
  • How simplification helps to unlock security value
  • The future security and the next generation of CISOs

With the increased velocity, complexity and business impact of attacks, there’s a fundamental need to rethink how your security program works. Security leaders must take a closer look at their business model and really understand the risks to customers and how to enable business growth – by deploying a truly effective security strategy that ensures the business can deliver its products and services in a way that customers trust.

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