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Intelligent Automation of Financial Services

RPA-driven business transformation

Get on the Fast Track to Automation

Challenged by disruption and under ever-growing pressure to adapt to persistent changes in customer and regulatory demands, financial services firms are enthusiastically embracing Robotic Process Automation (RPA). But beyond the hype, today’s initiatives are mired in complex process improvement, isolated initiatives that struggle to scale, and growing tensions between people and machines. Fujitsu changes all this, industrializing RPA to fast track operational efficiencies and drive organization-wide digital transformation.

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Exploiting Automation at Scale in Financial Services

Across capital markets, retail banking and the insurance sector, smart robots are accelerating onboarding, revolutionizing KYC and releasing millions of hours human endeavour. But, with only 4% of enterprises scaling beyond 50 robots, there’s more to be gained. Much more. Here we contrast outdated open-ended consultancy-led approaches with today’s agile, automation-first models that deliver business outcomes on an industrial scale.

RPA Use Case: Automated Bank Reconciliation

When it comes to daily bank reconciliation, spreadsheets are a frustrating fact of life. By automating the process of tallying transactions and reconciling mismatches, banks and insurers are generating thousands of hours of productivity improvements, increasing accuracy and redeploying people to more meaningful tasks.

RPA Use Case: Customer remediation at scale

Automating customer remediation offers huge opportunities to emotionally connect with customers – particularly for large scale payment disputes and account security enquiries. Let the robots take the strain while agents use their human skills to reassure and delight.


Showcasing the future

With a new breed of light touch RPA technologies set to automate between 20-30 percent of work – without error or interruption, 24 hours a day – your organization is on the brink of a robotic revolution. See why RPA is on the agenda of 4 out of 5 members of the c-suite.

Industrializing Automation at Scale whitepaper

With financial services organizations struggling to scale, we examine the automation landscape, the barriers to widespread adoption and discuss why re-imagining your approach will dramatically upscale your operations and achieve key business benefits.

Explore our Industrialized Automation Operating Model

Want to break through the 50-robot glass ceiling? This two-pager identifies the key issues and explores how, by leveraging the Fujitsu industrialized Automation Operating Model, you can get on the fast-track to RPA efficiencies.

Robotic Process Automation in Action

Read how Fujitsu assisted DB Systel GmbH with competent consulting services for implementing a strategy for robotic process automation.

Smash through your RPA glass ceiling with Fujitsu

Fujitsu delivers all the services you need to exploit the benefits of Robotic Process Automation in financial services. Our unique industrialized RPA operating model overcomes the barriers to scale out – taking you from pilot to mobilization in as little as 4 weeks, and from zero to 300 bots in 12 weeks or less.

Our non-disruptive, fully managed, cloud-based services are supported by over 3000 RPA professionals, a world-class, world-wide ecosystem of partners, and a 50 million Euro investment in complimentary technologies such as NLP, Chat bots Computer Vision and Machine Learning. It’s everything your financial organizations needs to succeed.