The potential of IoT without compromising security

How can we exploit the potential of IoT without compromising security?

IoT is a key driver of digital transformation and business innovation, creating an interconnected world that brings about endless possibilities for society and businesses in every sector. However, the increased level of interconnectivity also brings an increased level of complexity and risk, as connected devices are not always secure by design. It is clear that we must find ways to ensure that infrastructure is protected or risk losing out on the opportunity to drive data-driven progress in business and society.

Presenter: Jamie Wilkie, Senior Director Enterprise and Cyber Security, Industrial Security Offerings at Fujitsu – will explore a case study from the Manufacturing industry to demonstrate best practices for securing connected devices in the face of this increasing risk and complexity.  

In this session, you will learn key insights on:

  • The threat sources impacting IoT/OT technology 
  • Why trust and security mechanisms must evolve
  • Frameworks and best practices for securing IoT/OT

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Jamie Wilkie

Jamie is responsible for the development of Fujitsu’s Industrial Security offering in EMEIA. His background is in innovation management, partner management, business development, M&A and software development. This experience matches well to Fujitsu’s co-creation approach to Digital Transformation in which the company blends its own IP and skills with those of our partners and customers as we jointly move to enable new, secure, business models.