Think beyond the Smart Factory

Manufacturing in the Smart World - what will tomorrow’s successful manufacturer look like?

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Your hosts: Ravi Krishnamoorthi, Head of Manufacturing and Automotive, Fujitsu EMEIA,
Johan Carstens, Manufacturing and Automotive CTO, EMEIA
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Ravi and Johan discuss how AI, cloud and IoT can deliver a truly smart factory; how predictive maintenance can boost uptime and efficiency; why end-to-end supply chain visibility (from-farm-to-fork) is so vital right now; and how manufacturers need to engage directly with the end-consumers of the products that come off their production lines.

Ravi Krishnamoorthi

Ravi Krishnamoorthi is Head of Manufacturing and Automotive, Fujitsu EMEIA, and has over 25 years of leadership and transformational expertise. He knows what transformation looks like how to deliver it through his experience with Mahindra, Dell, and CSC where he was selected for the company’s prestigious ‘Next- gen Leaders Forum’. He is also very good at cricket!

Johan Carstens

Johan Carstens is EMEIA Manufacturing and Automotive CTO and has over twenty years of experience within the IT industry. He is renowned for his exceptional understanding of emerging technologies. He helps customers implement technical innovation initiatives and digital transformations. Johan leverages Fujitsu’s global R&D capabilities to address technology developments and facilitates digital co-creation workshops.

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