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Weekly TechCommunity Webinar Marathon

In this tough times, Fujitsu’s TechCommunity wants to be as close as possible to its partners. With the unfortunate cancelation of our yearly face-to-face event, we’ll be offering you the possibility to attend a weekly TechCommunity Webinar Marathon - you can select and register for all the available webinars or only those of your preference. Click on the images below to find out more and register.

Do you know about Fujitsu TechCommunity?

Fujitsu TechCommunity is your online platform for discussing the latest IT trends and technologies.

As a member of the TechCommunity, you can:

  • Connect more closely with Fujitsu experts
  • Discuss topics and issues with your peers
  • Read news on the latest developments and trends
  • Get involved in product and solution developments

Moreover, by registering you will also have access to our Channel Partner Portal, which provides you with technical documentation such as datasheets, white papers, benchmarks, etc.