Artificial Intelligence Report Webinar

How AI will drive the greatest value to your company’s business applications

Key findings on the innovative evolution of business processes

This webinar is a guide for executives, providing insights into what benefits companies can expect from artificial intelligence and how the technology can help innovate processes that are driven by business applications.

Presenters: Frank Niemann, Vice President Enterprise Applications & Related Services, PAC, CXP Group and Dr. David Snelling, Program Director Artificial Intelligence, CTO Fujitsu EMEIA.

In this session, you will learn key insights and discussion on:

  • The relevance of AI & strategy
  • The value of AI with respect to specific processes
  • The status quo of AI initiatives & obstacles
  • Conclusion & recommendations

The combination of AI and Business applications may help companies to reinvent their business processes as well as their business models, but those initiatives need to be elevated to a more strategic level. 78% of companies see AI as a basis for process improvements or automation. AI is already in use in half of the companies surveyed, and we anticipate that number to rise to 70% within two years.

Frank Niemann and Dr. David Snelling shared the latest insights from a European survey on what AI can bring to business applications across different functions.

The survey was aimed at large and medium sized companies across numerous industries and departments, such as sales and marketing, finance, production supply chain and IT.

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