Digital Factory: Quality Assurance With AI Innovation

Thursday 16th November at 8:30–9:15

Host: Antti Wallenius, Business Development Director, Manufacturing, Fujitsu

Guest speakers: Grant Kinchin, Emerging Sectors Proposition Manager, Fujitsu and Deirdre Hardy, Head of Digital Business Development, Fujitsu

Finding new ways to improve internal efficiencies and reduce operational costs is a priority for companies to counteract price pressures. Reducing product development times and achieving a faster time to market is also a critical factor.

Fujitsu has proven how AI innovation can be applied to increase efficiencies in key areas. One of our manufacturer clients saved 85% in resource overheads and time involved with quality assurance procedures using Fujitsu Advanced Image Recognition (F|AIR). The solution utilizes machine learning to automate the analysis of ultrasound blade surface images to identify manufacturing defects. It can be quickly trained to identify defects across different types of objects and images, so it has great potential to be applied to many other use cases within manufacturing and other sectors.

F|AIR is able to provide the human intelligence behind any operation involving a visual inspection to identify re-occurring visual patterns. It applies Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning technology to achieve greater business insight and flexibility than previous Machine Vision capabilities.

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