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Stay true to your objectives in challenging times

At time of adversity, it’s important to rethink what you do, and how you do it. But it is not a time to change course. Your original purpose and objectives still hold. They are what drive you and your business. A sudden change in circumstances should be seen as both a challenge and an opportunity.

That means strengthening the core of your organization. It means leveraging the power of digital even further than you have been doing up till now.

Digital is vital, Transformation is necessary: Modernizing your core IT and ERP systems is fundamental to your day-to-day operations and your deeper resilience. The ultimate goal is to reimagine your business and stay ahead of change.

Resources for a strategic rethink

Rethinking your operations requires a methodical strategy. You need to understand where you are now in terms of your SAP® ERP system, the core of your business, your cloud strategy and where you want to be over the medium- and long-term.

The fact that SAP has teamed up with Microsoft to leverage the advantages of Azure is important. Through Fujitsu’s global partnership with both, you are able to get the most out of the best-of-breed products you need to drive your organization forward.

Building an Intelligent Enterprise

Tools are neutral. It’s what you do with them that counts. That’s why we work with you to apply solutions and technologies to build more intelligence into your business, not just at its core, but at its edges too, where intelligence delivers frictionless service and the ability to see into the future.

The power of partnerships

Working with partners like Fujitsu gives you the ability to stand back, take a broad view when it’s needed, and a highly focused view when necessary. You can then understand the choices that are available to you right now, and how they might impact your business going forward.

Fujitsu and SAP’s many decades long partnership will help you rethink your strategy, so you achieve your goals. We are adept at leveraging SAP’s RISE program to co-create and enable a range of choices for moving your SAP applications to the cloud.

Fujitsu is awarded an SAP Pinnacle 2021 Award in the category
Partner of the Year – Global Technology

How to use this site

You will find all the information and advice you need to understand the key issues, get a good level of technical knowledge, and grasp the issues you need to consider whatever stage of the S/4HANA journey you have reached.

Every resource is meant to inform as well as stimulate. The objective is to provide new ways of looking at your goals and strategies. They will help drive a co-creation dialogue focused on your specific needs.

There is no one way to leverage the power of S/4HANA – there is only your way. That’s why Fujitsu’s strong partnership with SAP is the foundation of a wider partnership focused on your specific objectives now and far into the future.

Let's get going.

The key issues: Rethink to Reimagine

  • How to reimagine your business in partnership with Fujitsu and SAP with S/4HANA as the engine of progress
  • Why SAP on Microsoft Azure is a game changer
  • How migrating your legacy applications to Azure improves the fitness of your business
  • Why an SNP BLUEFIELD™ migration approach powered by an automated transformation to S/4HANA is key to becoming an intelligent enterprise
  • How to drive a culture of change to ensure you get the most from S/4HANA at speed and at scale
  • A Proof-of-Concept Guide: We asked independent analysts, Freeform Dynamics, to validate the benefits and approaches to S/4HANA migration to give you a better understanding of what’s possible and how you can get there
  • Case Studies which reveal what Fujitsu customers across key sectors have done and are doing to reimagine their enterprises

How Fujitsu and SAP are driving the Digitalization of the Modern Economy

In this short but informative blog post, Fujitsu’s subject matter experts Gerren Mayne and Michael Straub explain why the deep partnership with SAP is the foundation for any digital transformation strategy, no matter what stage it has reached. The fact that the pace of change in all sectors has accelerated and been transformed by the pandemic is key to understanding just what S/4HANA can achieve in a changing world.

Suddenly, the need for digitalization has been brought into sharp relief. Recent events have shortened timescales rapidly and many organizations are now digital by default. Fujitsu’s outcome-focused approach and ability to deliver an end-to-end SAP solution is critical to acting with agility and achieving resilience in a changing world.

Read the blog post

Rethink your transformation priorities: The case for S/4HANA

Transformation is not a one-time event. It’s a constant. It’s a methodology and attitude of mind. That’s why the case for S/4HANA is linked to your ability to rethink your priorities when the world changes (as it’s being doing at a tremendous pace recently) and reimagine your goals.

We’ve brought together some reading material which will stimulate your thinking (and rethinking):

Four Fujitsu experts discuss why the move to S/4HANA makes business sense in a world of unrelenting change and challenges. Insight Guide: An Intelligent Engine for a New Era

Read our insight guide

Consider the case for S/4HANA in terms of transformation: Are you Ready for the Future of Business?

Read our brochure

Rethink to Reimagine: Building an Intelligent Enterprise

At our Fujitsu ActivateNow event in 2020 we brought our experts together with those from SAP together to talk about strategy and practical ways in which S/4HANA could enable you to reimagine your everyday operations. In an uncertain world for all sectors, the ability to act quickly and decisively with intelligence and speed is the best way to build both agility and resilience.

We’ve edited sessions in which Karl Fahrbach, Chief Partner at SAP, and Fujitsu’s Head of Global Services Business Group, Shunsuke Onishi discuss the key issues. They are a fascinating and useful insights into the key issues.

The Strength of the Fujitsu / SAP partnership

Watch here

The Challenges SAP customers
face in creating
an end-to-end
intelligent enterprise

Watch here

Digital transformation in manufacturing & the importance of the digital supply chain

Watch here

How Fujitsu works with Kawasaki Heavy Industries

Watch here

SAP on Azure

A cloud-based SAP estate is the foundation for transforming the performance of your business. The partnership between Fujitsu, SAP, and Microsoft means that you can rely on our collective expertise to deliver a seamless migration. And the fact that Microsoft Azure is highly efficient platform for S/4HANA gives you the confidence to focus on your business objectives safe in the knowledge that your intelligent enterprise is running efficiently and securely.

We’ve brought together materials to help you get all the information (and reassurance) you need.

Read the two-page SAP on Azure summary

Read our brochure

Get essential advice from Fujitsu on why moving now is important, why working with SAP, Azure and Fujitsu is important, and how you can get going

Read the eBook

Watch the video on migrating key SAP applications to Azure

Watch our video

Migrate with purpose and confidence

And speed. Any migration can be daunting. It’s complex and threatens business-as-usual. That’s why Fujitsu has teamed up with SNP and its unique BLUEFIELD™ approach to moving to S/4HANA. It cuts complexity through software automation while providing you with total visibility and analytics. That’s what any successful journey needs.

We’ve created an in-depth whitepaper which define the context within which your migration to S/4HANA needs to take place, and then explains the BLUEFIELD concept and approach – as well as SNP’s unique CrystalBridge® technology which powers (and simplifies) the migration – and then relates it to specific business contexts and outcomes.

Read the S/4HANA Migration brochure

Watch the S/4HANA Migration video

Read the Business Fit paper now

Fujitsu, SAP, Azure in action together in the real world

How does it all work in the real world? Your world. Your business. We’ve brought together a range of case studies that focus on what we achieved (and are achieving) with customers in a wide range of sectors.

But first, let’s prove that the concept works. We asked independent analysts, Freeform Dynamics, to create a ‘buyers guide’ to help you make the business case for moving to S/4HANA. The fact that Fujitsu and SAP boast many decades of partnership delivers benefits, but they need to be validated by experience. And that’s what our guide delivers.

There is no one way to leverage the power of S/4HANA – there is only your way. That’s why Fujitsu’s strong partnership with SAP is the foundation of a wider partnership focused on your specific objectives now and far into the future.

You get an overview of:

  • How to match your needs to your vision to your plan for transformation
  • How to define the outcome you want and need
  • Building the migration plan to deliver specific benefits
  • The technologies and migration processes
  • Understanding the scope of the project
  • Planning and implementing the migration

Read the Proof-of-Concept Buyers’ Guide
Achieving success with your S/4HANA proof of concept (POC): 

Rethinking the Real World

Hunter Douglas needed a new partner with the expertise to rapidly deploy SAP Manufacturing Execution and SAP MII. They chose Fujitsu to stabilize their SAP S/4HANA Manufacturing deployment across 20+ facilities in 22 months.

Read the casebook

Fujitsu has helped Daiwa House adopt a cloud-based accounting system as a basis for overseas strategies for continuous growth.

Read the casebook

Fujitsu Network Communications
FNC uses Fujitsu SAP to build the factory of the future

Watch the video

Join us for a co-creation workshop to explore how Fujitsu can
help you drive your S/4HANA migration.

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