The value of SIEM for a smarter security posture

Real-time threat detection - The value of SIEM for a smarter security posture

History and the alarming regularity of security breaches have shown that the cyber threats will get in, and that your fate as an organization depends on how quickly you detect and respond to a breach of any kind. Being able to find the one event in a million that leads to identifying a breach is a difficult task, but that complexity reinforces the need for a robust Security SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) Service that improves your holistic visibility and security posture – letting you quickly identify that one event that could destroy your business.

Presenters: Jonathan Zulberg, Senior Sales Engineer at LogRhythm and Martin Hill, Security Offerings Architect at Fujitsu EMEIA

In this session, you will learn key insights and hear expert discussion on:

  • What threats are currently impacting businesses
  • The key success elements that will help you rapidly find the events of interest and reduce the time to response
  • Best practice for using SIEM to qualify the one event in a million
  • How SIEM can improve your organization’s security posture
  • What are the benefits for using a holistic SIEM Service

In the wrong hands SIEM can undoubtedly be complex, but Fujitsu helps you navigate through the complexities on the path to a successful SIEM deployment, and onward into a robust security posture. In this webinar, hear how we have delivered a world-class managed SIEM service, powered by LogRhythm, for the past 8 years to more than 40 customers.

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Webinar Partner:

LogRhythm is a world leader in NextGen SIEM, empowering organizations worldwide to successfully reduce risk by rapidly detecting and responding to damaging cyber threats. The LogRhythm platform combines user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), network traffic and behavior analytics (NTBA) and security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) in a single end-to-end solution.


Jonathan Zulberg

For over 12 years, Jonathan Zulberg has worked with and advised a large number of Fortune 500 and government organizations on global security improvement programs. Jonathan specializes in information security policy, SIEM, encryption, endpoint security and email security. His current interest in the field includes mitigating methods of data exfiltration. As Senior Engineer at LogRhythm, he assists organizations with designing and implementing solutions that reduce their threat landscape and enable early detection of malicious behavior with LogRhythm solutions. He leads threat modelling workshops, as well as threat analysis sessions, to assist organizations in maturing their current security posture. Find out more, here.

Martin Hill

Martin Hill has worked for Fujitsu Services for over 10 years, more recently as part of the EMEIA Offerings Team, specializing in Threat and Vulnerability Management, which includes SIEM Services, Vulnerability Management and Cyber Threat Intelligence services. In his 15+ year career in Cyber Security Martin has led a variety of security functions as lead Security Architect, Enterprise Security Architect and Chief Information Security Officer, for government and private sector organisations, as well as for B2B and B2C managed security services.