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Multi-Cloud Security

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Primed to bring Security with Flexibility

Your Multi-Cloud can only be secure when you build in security by design. Without a consistent answer for cyber security Multi-Cloud can quickly sprawl out of control, making you inflexible and inefficient - defeating its purpose.

Make the wrong choice here and your multi-cloud estate becomes inflexible and inefficient. This means unified cyber security within the new normality of Multi-Cloud must be built-in by design.

Secure Multi-Cloud right from the start

Agility, predictability and simplicity drive cloud adoption! Get security right from the start and make sure that you can benefit from multi-cloud without compromising on security.

How to make your Multi-Cloud both agile and secure

A convenient way to get information about the various dimensions of multi-cloud security: shared responsibilities, the questions you should ask when kicking off multi-cloud security, and the Fujitsu approach to tackle multi-cloud security issues.

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Multi-Cloud and Multi-Cloud Security

The importance of cloud as an enabler of digital transformation is evident - but cloud strategies need to be backed by security strategies right from the beginning. This allows to address the root causes not the symptoms of security failures.

The interview combines the views of a multi-cloud and a security expert and provides interesting food for thought for your multi-cloud and multi-cloud security projects.

Multi-Cloud Security - the deep dive

The Multi-Cloud Security white paper provides an in-depth view on the driving forces for multi-cloud with a close look at the security aspects. We consider not only technology but touch internal threats, external threats and cloud threats. We outline the issues of cloud-native and cloud-agnostic security controls and specific considerations are given to Identity and Access Management and data encryption.

Download the Multi-Cloud Security White Paper >>

A closer look at Multi-Cloud Security

With a series of short webcasts we provide more background and our view on multi-cloud security topics. The webcasts comprise a closer look at Cloud Computing Risks, Shared Responsibilities for security in the cloud and an overview of the Fujitsu Multi-Cloud Security offerings.

Cloud Computing Risks:

The short video provides an overview over the main security challenges in the Internet based on information from the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and the Fujitsu clustering of these security challenges. The cloud challenges are explained and a set of actions to counter the threats is briefly introduced.

Shared Responsibilities:

Different cloud service models affect cost, ease-of-use, privacy, security and compliance. Cloud providers implement security for certain elements, such as infrastructure and network. They might even provide services to protect data, but customers must understand their role in protecting security and privacy of their data. The video provides information about the shared responsibilities and indicates for which tasks cloud service providers and cloud service users have to take care.

Multi-Cloud Security Services:

The short webcast provides information about the Multi-Cloud security services offering of Fujitsu. We explain cloud-native and cloud-agnostic security controls, give an overview of the range of services we provide. In addition, we highlight the Secure Multi-Cloud framework, our approach to support your multi-cloud security journeys.

Flexible, unified cyber security in a Multi-Cloud world

Enterprises and end-users alike find cloud infrastructure, platforms and apps to be irresistible - and it is not hard to see why. With their start-today agility, the simplicity of use-and-forget, and predictable costs, the cloud is the driving force in business transformation programs. Most organizations are well aware that security has become a red-alert issue and that they have to enhance cyber security across Multi-Cloud estates.

The brochure gives an introduction to the key multi-cloud security issues, highlighting the three zones of cloud security risk, the shared responsibilities in cloud and introduces Fujitsu's take on multi-cloud security.

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