Cyber Security Webinar Series

Protecting the heart of your business – understanding Identity and Access Management

The best practices for secure transfer of information

Over recent years, cloud computing, mobile technology, social networking, BYOD, and other IT and consumer trends have transformed the threat environment. To survive and thrive in this increasingly interconnected and virtual ecosystem, organizations must recognize Identity and Access Management as an essential tool for the secure transfer of information that lies at the heart of your business.

Presenters: Petri Heinälä, Security Offerings Architect, Enterprise & Cyber Security, EMEIA, for an comprehensive briefing about some of the most important issues of Identity and Access Management

In this session, you will learn key insights and discussion on:

  • The key success elements to creating secure Identity and Access Management within digital business ecosystems
  • Best practice for flexible integration of cloud and on-premise systems as well as an increasing number of applications into a common Identity and Access Management process
  • How to optimize the trade-off between convenience, cost and security

This is a great opportunity to learn how a robust and flexible Identity and Access Management could impact your organization's value and reputation.

For more information, please visit the Identity and Access Management website.

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