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Unlocking Retail Operations

Fujitsu & ServiceNow

From ServiceNow to Service Wow! The Next Step in Retail

Working as one, Fujitsu and ServiceNow are helping forward-thinking retailers to join-up systems, information and workflows, from the office, to the warehouse, to the customer. Together we’re achieving service-centered retail; connecting online and offline, joining up fragmented supply chains and empowering in-store associates to deliver an immersive, frictionless in-store experience.

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Quizing our Expert - Retail Social Media questions answered !

Over recent years, markets have become increasingly challenging for our retail customers. Their ongoing success, even their survival, will depend on the ability to achieve secure, informed, responsive and engaging retailing. The catalyst to relevant retail starts with frictionless and rewarding customer experiences – both online and in-store. Time to engage with Retailers and dig deeper!

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Key steps to digital transformation

Opportunties for amazing await! Digital technologies orchestrated by ServiceNow which deliver a user-centric responsiveness and seamless service. Everything is connected. Internal systems are joined up and a host of mundane processes are automated, cutting the time it takes to deliver a great outcome. Consumers can engage faster across all channels, and their interactions are more transparent, frictionless and rewarding. Sounds good right?

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Better outcomes,
better value,
AMAZING service for us all

If you’ve already invested in ServiceNow, we can help you fully maximize its innovative potential. And if you’re new to it, we’ll work with you to unlock its amazing capabilities to transform your business.

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Digitize your Retail Workflows - Fast, Simple, Easy

ServiceNow makes Retail work better for people, transforming old manual ways of working into modern digital workflows so employees and customers get what they need, when they need it. Fast, simple, easy - creating great experiences and unlocking productivity for store associates and the retailer. Watch our ServiceNow platform Video >>