Blockchain Webinar

Distributed Ledger Technology and Blockchain are promising a lot – what do they mean for you?

Find out what Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology mean and how they can be used.

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  • the latest news on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology
  • what databases with shared control mean for your business
  • what kind of software and technology Fujitsu Laboratories have developed to enable secure transactions on blockchain
  • about several use cases in different industries


In March, 2018, Fujitsu opened Blockchain Innovation Center with the aim of developing the potential of blockchain beyond financial services as a new architecture for information systems and sectors of all kinds.

The keynote speaker is Mikael Söderman, Lead Representative Nordic Region EMEIA Blockchain Innovation Centre.

The webinar is hosted by Jari Vuori Head of Digital Business Solutions (AI/ML, IoT, Blockchain and Advanced Analytics), Finland.

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