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Take the lead in digital retail

Succeeding in retail has never been more difficult. The competition is fierce. Your customers expect more. And for many, time is running out to get it right. Fujitsu and its partner ecosystem are helping retailers to compete and succeed in a new, digital world – providing the platforms, apps and services that enable seamless, omni-channel interactions and truly data-driven insights.
Join us and take the lead in digital retail.

Fujitsu & VMware

Fujitsu's multi-cloud strategy is predicated on providing the right platform for the right workload and that means giving our customers the maximum possible choice. We have partnered global with the major technology vendors and hyperscale providers and right at the forefront of this is our relationship with VMware that’s been established for many years and allows us to focus on 3 key propositions, namely Operational Efficiency, Digitalization and Hybrid IT.

"Online retailers are disrupting my business"

By 2021, 16% of global retail sales will be from online channels. See what our experts have to say to those struggling to compete in an increasingly online world.

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"Customers are dropping baskets and queues are too long"

As many as 41% of customers think retail technology is very slow. And slow technology means frustrated shoppers and dropped baskets. See how Fujitsu and its partner ecosystem are helping retailers overcome this hurdle.

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"Why am I losing customer loyalty?"

Did you know 79% of customers think a better use of in-store tech would make them spend more? Learn how data can help you improve customer satisfaction and boost brand loyalty.

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A leader in Cloud for 7 successive years

Fujitsu has been named as a Leader in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Outsourcing (DCO) and Hybrid Infrastructure Managed Services (HIMS) in Europe – for the seventh consecutive year. In its report published June 2019, Gartner evaluates the abilities of service providers to deliver data center and Hybrid IT managed services across Europe. According to Gartner: "Leaders perform skillfully. They have a clear vision of the market's direction and develop competencies to maintain their leadership. They shape the market, rather than follow it.

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Cloud-powered retail: the essential guide

Download our guide with essential advice on creating seamless, omni-channel experiences, achieving business outcomes through data-driven insights, and surviving retail's ongoing digital disruption.

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How retailers should exploit Cloud

Learn how cloud technology can help you deliver the personalized, omni-channel experiences today's customers demand. Discover how Fujitsu and its partner ecosystem are helping retailers deliver three key elements to success.

Speed & convenience

Your customers' expectations are on the rise and their growth shows no signs of slowing down. See how the cloud can make delivering the quick, connected experiences today's shoppers expect easier than ever.

Data-driven growth

All retailers have a huge amount of data on their customers. But today, precious few are extracting real value from it. Discover the three areas you should focus on to make more from the big data opportunity.

Our recent retail ‘peer to peer’ 40 minute virtual panel webinar with guests from Specsavers, VMware and Fujitsu debated how to get ahead in the retail & hospitality industry through cloud power.

Take a look at our live scribe drawings from the webinar that illustrate key advice, takeaway recommendations, tips and guidance for retail organisations.

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Powering the retail experience with zero servers

Discover a CTO's mantra for surviving digital disruption and succeeding in customer-centric industries – and discover why the cloud is key to enabling it.

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If retailers are going to survive the future, they need the infrastructure that can take them there

The retail industry is at a pivotal point in its history. The opportunity to tip the balance in your organization's favour is too big to miss out on.
There's an imperative to install infrastructure in the stores that can process all of this data locally, filter it, work out what the insights are, and then centralise them in the cloud.

Cloud Powered Retail will take you there »

Imagine what you could do with cloud powered retail?

Hundreds, possibly thousands of new customers are ready to hit your website at once. And they're all looking for you to give them a seamless retail experience. Great news, right? It is if your systems can handle it. It's time to spin up, scale to demand and deliver a great experience through cloud powered retail.

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