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How quantum technology can disrupt the drug discovery process

Stories from Novartis, Cresset & Fujitsu 

Date: Thursday 15th July 2021
Time: 4:00 - 4:45pm (BST) 
Location: Virtual webinar 

The pharmaceutical industry is applying disruptive and innovative technologies faster than ever before with the adoption of artificial intelligence on the rise.

As we look for new ways to accelerate the pace of change, the questions we're asking ourselves are:

  • Where does quantum technology play a role? 
  • How can pharmaceuticals exploit quantum technology to disrupt the drug discovery process, to reduce costs, increase quality of results and deliver faster outcomes?
  • Whats next for the pharmaceutical industry and where can quantum make an impact?

Join us to hear from Novartis, Cresset and Fujitsu as they discuss the impact of technological advances in quantum computing and how they’ve applied quantum-inspired innovations themselves to deliver speed, efficiency and cost benefits within their organisations.

They’ll be reflecting on their experience of using technology to accelerate the drug discovery process for COVID-19 and Dengue Fever, whilst also looking ahead to the future.

We’ll offer a dedicated 15 minutes of live Q&A with our speakers at the end of the session, allowing you to delve into the detail of quantum and quantum-inspired technology.

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Our speakers:

Dr John Manchester, Director, Novartis

momentum_John Manchester.jpg

John Manchester is the Director at Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR). He is a computational chemist with a proven track record in drug discovery and a highly flexible skill set, including molecular modeling, data mining, systems/software engineering and excellent communication skills. John will be discussing his experience of using quantum-inspired computing and where he sees the future of pharmaceuticals heading. 

Ellen Devereux, Quantum-inspired Optimisation Services Consultant, Fujitsu 

momentum_2NP_Ellen Devereux.png

Ellen Devereux is currently working at Fujitsu in the role of Quantum-inspired Optimisation Services Consultant and she is project managing their inspiring Drug Discovery Platform bringing her passion and expertise in analytical thinking and complex problem solving.  Ellen is inspired to realise the potential that technology and people have to digitally transform the world.  Since joining Fujitsu, she has been involved in a number of special high-profile projects including as the technical lead for the space debris program collaborating between consortium members and the UK Space Agency. 

Dr Mark Mackey, Chief Scientific Officer, Cresset


Mark Mackey was one of the founders of Cresset when the company was formed in 2002. He became CSO in 2013 and heads up our scientific team. He has made fundamental contributions to Cressets underlying scientific approach and to the development of the software. He works hard to extend the scientific base of the company in a way that is consistent with our reputation of rigorous scientific excellence. His team’s current research includes new ways of applying the XED force fields to proteins and improving the handling of water molecules. Mark’s previous experience includes roles at Napp Pharmaceuticals and Merck, Sharpe and Dohme. His PhD is in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge. Mark is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and on the Board of the Open Force Field Consortium.

Cathy McCann, Head of R&D and Innovation, Fujitsu


Cathy MCCann is the Head of R&D and Innovation at Fujitsu. Cathy will be moderating the discussion on the topic of 'How quantum technology can disrupt the drug discovery process?'.