Accelerating Drug Discovery

Accelerating Drug Discovery from 2 to 4 years down to 8 months

Our new quantum-inspired platform brings together pioneering technology to significantly improve the speed and quality of small molecule lead discovery from 2-4 years down to just 8 months!

The innovative platform will scan for, and ultimately identify, the lead de novo molecules needed to develop drugs to cure diseases having the most significant impact around the world. 

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Our experts:

Patrick Stephenson
Director of Innovation & Health, Fujitsu


Patrick is focused on how digital technology can transform the citizen experience, improve operational efficiency and  drive inclusive social/economic value. Patrick is recognised as a digital innovator and a trusted advisor in public service digital transformation.

"We are looking forward to scaling this platform to tackle many more diseases in the future, enabling new drugs to be brought to patients faster and more cost-effectively.”

Dr David Snelling
Fujitsu Fellow

momentum_david snelling .jpg

Dave has a track record of theoretical and practical background being a Lecturer in Computer Science for more than 10 years before starting at Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe, the Research company of Fujitsu prior to his move to the CTO Office at Fujitsu. 

Dave has been leading the work with PolarisQB to develop the platform and is very excited about the impact it will have on improving the drug discovery process.

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