We turn the spotlight on digital literacy in European schools today - #teachersfortomorrow

While digital fluency is considered a foundational requirement by employers in all industries, this is not reflected in education policy, school equipment and teacher skillsets in most of Europe, according to a first of its kind study undertaken by Fujitsu.

Our goal was to highlight gaps in digital literacy today to support children and young people in their skills, rights and responsibilities in the digital world – and to help determine the core necessities in digital skills needed by school-leavers.

The FIDA report provides an updated snapshot of the state of digital literacy among school-leavers, since the next state-sponsored PISA study is not due until 2025. There’s a perception that today’s generations of digital natives naturally acquire the digital skills they need, but our research shows that more formal digital instruction is needed to better equip school leavers for both the workplace and today’s digital society.​


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