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Healthcare through the crisis

Global Intelligence for Digital Healthcare Leaders

We're delighted to share our first Healthcare edition of the I-CxO magazine – providing global intelligence for digital leaders.  

In our first edition, we have carefully selected articles from healthcare leaders from across the NHS, including some of your peers, as well as a success stories from across the globe to share best practise and achievements, as well as common challenges and blockers along the way.  

In this magazine, you’ll see how:

  • NHSX are setting the pace for England’s digital healthcare future
  • Leaders in the NHS have dealt with the digitisation and transformation of the health service during COVID-19
  • Yorkshire and Humber Nightingale Hospital was set up in just 10 days
  • San Carlos Clinical Hospital and Macquarie University co-created, using Fujitsu HXD to make a difference to the patient experience
  • The Government of Catalonia mobilised rapidly to enable remote working for up to 40,000 healthcare professional in 72 hours
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