Supporting Domestic Abuse Charities

Working with the Home Office to Support Domestic Abuse Charities

Fujitsu has been a partner of the Home Office for 25 years providing critical services and support for their vital work. In addition to ensuring these critical services during COVID-19, Fujitsu is proud to be supporting the Home Office in its initiative to support domestic abuse charities during the outbreak. 

Since the lockdown began incidents of domestic violence have sadly risen and the Home Office has rightly acted to enable domestic abuse charities to continue providing support to those in need. The Home Office is providing funding to charities to enhance online services and helplines so that domestic abuse victims can get the help they need. As part of this Fujitsu is providing IT support to smaller charities so that the can be there for those who need to access them. Fujitsu specialists will be assisting them in working remotely and securely.  

As both a responsible business and partner of the Home Office Fujitsu is pleased to be able to contribute in this way during these unprecedented times.

More detail on the Home Office initiative can be found here.