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Resilience in Smart Factories

Accelerating digital to think beyond the factory

In disruptive times, the outlook for revenues, supply chains and business models is uncertain. Manufacturers can however take targeted steps to become resilient – and move ahead with confidence. The answer lies in thinking beyond the factory, and embracing digital technology to return to growth.

IDC InfoBrief: Enabling Resilient Operations in Manufacturing

In this IDC Infobrief, sponsored by Fujitsu, experts outline the imperatives for business resilience in manufacturing. You’ll learn about four key experiences to transform:

  • Leveraging value with less physical presence on site
  • Digital factory operations using asset instrumentation and sensorization
  • Supply chain lessons from the pandemic
  • Better ecosystems by moving infrastructure and applications to the cloud

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Customer stories: best practice with Fujitsu

Building a resilient worker experience with Fujitsu
Creating resilient factory operations with Fujitsu
Building resilient supply chains with Fujitsu
Creating resilient ecosystems with Fujitsu

Forum: Building manufacturing resilience 

Join Fujitsu’s Manufacturing Leadership Forum for a virtual and interactive co-creation session on how to overcome current challenges and establish resilient yet agile manufacturing and supply chain processes. The Forum also engages with the practicalities of creating digital factory operations and building better ecosystems through the cloud. 

It’s a great opportunity to exchange experience and network with leaders from different manufacturers – register your interest 

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