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Transforming into a future-proof enterprise

Future-proof enterprises have all embraced digital transformation. They operate smart digital workspaces with AI-enabled solutions for resilient-decision making. Their factory-floor processes leverage AI/ML for predictive maintenance, automated quality control and real-time production scheduling. They have built crisis-resilient and sustainable supply chains. And data exchange within their ecosystems of partners is seamless. 

How do you get there? 

IDC InfoBrief: The Future Enterprise in Manufacturing 

The ‘Future Enterprise’ is now. This IDC Infobrief, sponsored by Fujitsu, explains what it takes to be transparent, responsive and customer-centric – and the topics to address around the key dimensions of people, supply chains, ecosystems and factory operations. It’s an insightful read, engaging with issues such as: 

• Digital, autonomous workers 
• Data-driven, AI-enabled automated processes 
• AI-based resilient supply chains 
• Trust-based ecosystems 


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Forum: Using data for intelligent decision-making in manufacturing 

Join Fujitsu’s Manufacturing Leadership Forum for a virtual and interactive co-creation session. The Forum will explore practical steers for collecting data, simulations, predictions, and the importance of defining a ‘single source of truth’. You will examine how to promote collaboration in open ecosystems and across divisions. Afterwards, you will be better equipped to take data-based manufacturing decisions for better market responsiveness.  

It’s a great opportunity to exchange experience and network with leaders from different manufacturers – register your interest

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