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Prepared for the ‘Next Normal’?

Targeting your Investment for a New Manufacturing Normal

The first response in a crisis is to keep the business going. Switching to survival mode is a natural response – but resilient businesses do more. What happens afterwards? To thrive in environments that have changed faster than we ever thought possible, it’s imperative to prepare for the ‘Next Normal’, and target investment smartly to build transparent and responsive operations.

IDC InfoBrief: Enabling Operations Transformation

As economies begin to settle post-crisis, where should manufacturers target their investment for maximum leverage? In this IDC Infobrief, sponsored by Fujitsu, experts predict what investments will be key over a 1-3 year timeframe as we enter the ‘Next Normal‘, for example:

  • Why will technologies such as AR/VR and wearables score big?
  • How can supply chains be more integrated?
  • Why is cloud-enabled ERP imperative?
  • How can visual inspection automate quality control?

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Investing in the future: how organizations make it work

With creativity-led solutions, Fujitsu has helped organizations all over the world to sort the hype from the game-changing innovations, and to target investments for a secure future.

Forum: Using AI technology to optimize quality control

Join Fujitsu’s Manufacturing Leadership Forum for a virtual and interactive co-creation session. The Forum will explore how to put artificial intelligence to work in your operations, to automate and to improve your quality control processes – helping you to overcome human skill shortages and realize human and AI co-working scenarios. You’ll engage with the challenges of connectivity and data capture. You will examine monitoring and visualization as well as ways to ensure the data is good enough to deliver quality and the results you are looking for.  

It’s a great opportunity to exchange experience and network with leaders from different manufacturers – register your interest

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