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The automotive industry is facing its greatest ever period of disruption. Increasingly consumers are looking beyond ownership to smarter, more efficient, and more connected means of mobility. Though the industry thought it had years to prepare for the change, the Covid-19 crisis has dramatically shortened the transition period, and those not moving as fast as our times will be left behind.

At Fujitsu, we believe that the challenge is also a profound opportunity. Our Mobility Digital Twin platform is at the heart of new MaaS ecosystems that enhance vehicle functions and safety and provide a more human-centric mobility society.

On this page we provide resources that outline the issues facing automotive and its allied industries, and explain how Fujitsu Mobility Digital Twin can open flexible and innovative ways to realize future mobility today.

ActivateNow Event

Fujitsu ActivateNow — Digital Thought-Leadership Event

Join us at two dedicated breakout sessions during Fujitsu ActivateNow, our flagship thought-leadership digital event on October 14–15, 2020. 

Our Solutions

Fujitsu Mobility Digital Twin

By turning continuous data from millions of vehicles into a virtual copy of the urban driving environment, we’re creating simulations that provide real world solutions for both the carmaker and the user. 

Software and Hardware Advancements through OTA Updates

Our over-the-air updates ensure that each connected vehicle is loaded with the latest operating system and software, keep the driver fully informed of new services, and improve safety and the driving experience.  

Fujitsu Digital Twin Utilizer

In this whitepaper, we explain how Fujitsu’s Mobility Digital Twin architecture can process and analyze real time driving conditions to build better models and achieve mobility innovations.

Further Reading

Fujitsu Future Insights: The Future of Mobility

In this deep analysis of the challenges the industry faces, part of the Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision, we unravel mobility to reveal how technology strategies can contribute to solutions that cater to urbanization, democratization of mobility, MaaS, and other pressures. 
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