Multi-Cloud Quickscan

How mature is your organization and
what are the Quickwins of your Cloud environment?

Multi-Cloud Quickscan

Maybe you already have environments in Public Clouds such as Azure or AWS, in combination with on premises systems. In that case you’re already ‘in Multi-Cloud’. The big question is however: does it bring the value that you expect from it? Let’s find out!

Fujitsu offers a Quickscan: a 4-hour session in which one of our senior consultants will address the following topics:

  • Are you making optimal usage of current Cloud providers and platforms?
  • Is the Cloud deployment architecture ready for the next steps, such as containers and serverless?
  • Is your Multi-Cloud environment secured and compliant?
  • Do you have control on Cloud consumption and associated costs?

Multi-Cloud Survey

To be considered for the Quickscan, we would like to know something from you first. Please fill out our short survey. After filling out only 10 questions, you will receive your personal Maturity Cloud Score directly after sending the results! 

We will be in touch with you to discuss the Multi-Cloud Quickscan within 48 hours! 

Thank you.