Fujitsu Product Summit, Europe 2021

Online Event 
November 16 & 17, 2021

We invite you to a unique digital event Fujitsu Product Summit, Europe.

This event gives you the possibility to discover new perspectives. We want to help you identify how technology is contributing to delivering real business value and build solutions that are tailored to your needs to increase your customer & partner experience. 

The second day of the Fujitsu Product Summit, Europe will be dedicated to partners, which will be able to listen to the Fujitsu and key technology alliance partners experts on the widest range of technical topics. One big technical digital event which will give answers how Fujitsu can support with concrete product and solutions on key topics such as Cyber Resilience and Data Protection, Hybrid Cloud, Data Infrastructure and Workplace

Our experts share their years of project and product experience with you, discuss trends, and provide rare insights into use cases and best practices. Use high-value insights to actively shape the future of your business with data-driven transformation!  

After one year of webinar “marathon” series, we bring you the biggest technical Fujitsu event!   

Day 1



(CET - Central European Time zone)

  • 10.00 a.m - 10.15 ​a.m - Keynote: "Keep on thriving in a data-driven world"​ Christian Leutner, Yujiro Maki ​
  • 10.15 a.m - 10.35 a.m - Keynote: "Software Defined, Hardware Accelerated" ​Andy Buss ​(IDC)
  • 10.35 a.m - 11.15 a.m ​- Panel discussion: Welcome to the Customer & Partner Experience Lab ​- Leigh Schvartz , ​Fernanda Catarino, Santosh Wadwa
  • 11.25 a.m - 12.00 ​p.m - Keynote: "Power to Empower" and Partner Award Ceremony ​Fernanda Catarino ​


Day 2

Only available for partners, we bring together the top minds from all areas of the IT product world. They share their wisdom and insights on current topics such as Ransomware & Data Protection, Hybrid & Cloud, Data Infrastructure and Workplace

We have prepared a full agenda for you – covering solutions from Ransomware and Data Protection, Hybrid Cloud, Data Infrastructure and Workplace areas. Our technology alliance partners are joining forces to provide solutions by designing integrated end-to-end products to meet all customers’ needs.

Find out below what you’ll be able to find in this great event we prepared for you.

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