Webinar: Strategic Workforce Transformation

It's time to talk about Workforce Transformation

Watch our webinar on the rich insights from The Economist Intelligence Unit report into Strategic Workforce Transformation.

Assumptions held for generations about the nature of organizations are rapidly dissolving, and the new research shows that 70% of Workforce Transformation early adopters are reaping benefits which have ‘significantly exceeded’ their expectation. There’s now a gap between them and companies which haven’t started on the journey. Clearly, it’s time to act.

The research set out to find out which strategic goals companies were looking to achieve through workforce transformation, and how their initiatives were aligned to their objectives and whether achieving an agile workforce delivered a more agile organization. The webinar looks at those issues to understand what the research results reveal about them. It will be fascinating.

Hear the EMEA Editorial Director for Thought Leadership at The Economist Intelligence Unit, Pete Swabey, Fujitsu's Future Workplace Head of Growth and Strategy, Andrew Davis, and the Architect Director at Citrix, Bryan Janes, talk about how an agile and smart workforce is boosting productivity and delivering value.

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