Recorded webinar: Eliminate language barriers in ServiceNow

Recorded webinar: How to get rid of language barriers in ServiceNow

Learn how Translator Bot simplifies the process of making ServiceNow accessible in users’ native languages.

Solve language challenges with translations directly in ServiceNow using cutting-edge machine learning capabilities in Translator Bot.

Translator Bot provides a range of modules to break down language between stakeholders. The application utilizes the cutting-edge machine learning capabilities to provide a seamless user experience, saving you time and resources on translation.

In this video you will learn about the new features:

  • Translator Bot encryption
    Translator Bot can encrypt sensitive data such as social security numbers or names based on patterns
  • Translator Bot for other applications
    Translator Bot can be used for translation in other applications like Salesforce, Workday, or SAP. The solution tracks and logs all translations, and encrypts sensitive data
  • Translator Bot for Knowledge articles
    Knowledge articles can be written in authors' native languages and shared with a multilingual organization in preferred languages

About Translator Bot

Translator Bot provides a range of modules to eliminate language barriers between stakeholders in ServiceNow. Translator Bot supports integration to multiple translation services, including Google Translate and Microsoft Translator Hub.

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